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Resident Experts

Nothing gives me more satisfaction than a happy client.


Quite simply, I’m passionate about this city. Not just about its market, but the communities and the people who make Vancouver such an incredible place to live. I love what I do, in part, due to it feeling like second nature. Having gained invaluable experience since starting my international career in sales and marketing over a dozen years ago, I have come to truly understand how to work well with people. This all begins with paying attention and really listening. When we work together, we’ll rely on an approach that seeks to understand your needs. Then, we’ll partner to find your perfect home and make it yours. I’m here to act as your professional guide, your confidant, and the person to encourage you into the right choices, so that you feel great, not just good, about the decisions you make. I pride myself on not being the decision maker, but the strategic leader guiding my clients to make the (sometimes tough but ultimately) right decisions. This way, they always feel that they’ve made the right move for themselves. In the end, I thrive on helping people find their dream home, and nothing gives me more satisfaction than a happy client. And, often times, a new friend.Some of the words people use to describe me: a listener, honest, moral, having integrity, knowledgeable, empathetic, calm, understanding, kind, caring.

For those curious about my educational background, I was top of the class in the Sales and Marketing Program at BCIT.


A Few Fun Facts About Myself

  • I am a nerd and endlessly curious.
  • In a former career I was a pastry chef, but I still love to entertain and share my kitchen creations.
  • I wish I could dance for a living (alas, I would not get paid).
  • Soul, Motown, blues and jazz – yes please, but you can add almost any genre to that and I’ll find something I like (hello 90’s rap and yacht rock).

Let's connect on Social:

Let's connect on Social:


Just ogling drool-worthy bathrooms like this one give us that Calgon-take-me-away feel 💭 Time for a book and a glass of wine and THAT tub STAT. 
Who’s with us?! Ok, not with us in the tub... just regarding the sentiment... uh yay

What's better than one? A team of three, of course! At Resident Experts we provide the highest level of service to our clients with the benefit of having three Expert opinions in areas we know inside and out. We collaborate, divide & conquer coming up with innovative new ideas and systems to ensure we are staying on top of the market.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Let’s celebrate the things we are feeling grateful for 🧡

Fall is finally here and we are loving the ever changing colors in the mix.. I mean what's not to love?! Hellooo sweater weather! Time to grab your pumpkin spiced latte, super puff and hit the seawall for a beauty stroll! 🍁