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With almost a decade with The Kavanagh Group, I gained invaluable real estate experience.

Amanda Crosby
Real Estate Advisor *PREC

Together with my husband Scott, we are the proud founders of Resident Experts. Raised on Vancouver’s West Side and immersed in a real estate family, my love for this city and industry runs deep. With nearly a decade of experience alongside The Kavanagh Group, one of the best teams in the City, I’ve honed my expertise by dealing with hundreds of clients.  I prioritize my clients’ best interests, leveraging my tenacity, extensive knowledge, diligent work ethic, unwavering optimism, strategic thinking, and exceptional negotiation skills that have built my stellar reputation. With an intimate knowledge of the Vancouver West Side, I possess a deep understanding of its neighborhoods and intricacies. Matching clients with their perfect home and negotiating favourable terms on behalf of my sellers brings me immense fulfillment and joy, making me a passionate Realtor.

Family is everything, and I’m fortunate to work alongside my husband. With my brother and his wife and two kids living next door, and my parents just a short stroll away along the sea wall, we cherish our close-knit community. Being a mom fills me with boundless joy, as I delight in experiencing the world through my son’s eyes. When it comes to self-care, I find pleasure in indulging in brunches with friends, going for runs, biking the seawall and treating myself to regular foot massages. Life’s simple pleasures make all the difference!

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🏢 BC Strata’s: Understanding the Schedule of Unit Entitlement 🏢
•  When purchasing a home in British Columbia, understanding the Schedule of Unit Entitlement is crucial for any strata property transaction. This document is pivotal in determining the financial responsibilities and ownership proportions of each strata lot.  In BC, the Schedule of Unit Entitlement outlines the share of common property and common expenses for each strata lot within a strata corporation. While often based on square footage, this isn’t always the case. Some strata corporations may allocate the same unit entitlement to all lots, or another equitable number approved by the BC Financial Services Authority (BCFSA).  🧮 Calculating Your Share 🧮 
To calculate a strata lot’s unit entitlement as a percentage, use the following formula:  Strata Lot Unit Entitlement % = (Unit Entitlement of your Strata Lot / Sum of Unit Entitlement of All Strata Lots) × 100  💡 Why It Matters 💡 
Understanding the Schedule of Unit Entitlement is paramount as it dictates your portion of strata fees, special levies, and other communal expenses. Shockingly, research indicates that over 35% of strata corporations misinterpret this crucial document, potentially impacting the financial health of all members.  Check out our latest blog post where we go into more details! Reach out if you have any questions!

Step into this vibrant Mount Pleasant residence and let your creativity soar. Nestled near Main Street, this property enjoys convenience to trendy shops, cafes, and restaurants. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to own in one of Vancouver’s most sought-after neighborhoods.  Sneak Peek: Thurs May 23rd 530-630pm 
Open House: Sun May 26th 2-4pm  📍304-507 East 6th Ave
💰 $548,000
🛌  1 Bed
🛁  1 Bath
📏  690 sq.ft
🚗 1 Parking
🔒 1 Storage Locker