Expert Guide: Our Favourite Culinary Hot Spots In Chinatown

Mar 19, 2019

Chinatown, in our opinion, has some of the city’s best local taste-makers and is one of the most dynamic social and cultural hot spots in Vancouver. Here is our expert guide to some of our favourite culinary hot spots in this vibrant community. We have also included our recommendations and some expert tips for each location so you can truly experience the best that these locations have to offer.

Matchstick Coffee Chinatown – 213 E Georgia St

There are lots of places to grab coffee, but if we’re going to sit and hang out, we want more… Matchstick Coffee offers great atmosphere, a bright and open space, and who doesn’t love the smell of the fresh breads and pastries being made on site.

Our Recommendation: Cortado paired with a Spelt Almond & Berry Vegan Scone.

*Expert Tip – Sit at a communal table if you’re open to meeting new peeps.

Juke Fried Chicken – 182 Keefer St

If you’re going to eat deep fried food, it better be worth it, right?!

Our Recommendation: 2 PC Fried Chicken paired with a side of Fried Brussels. Really hungry? Juke Box is a great choice with a side of Dirty Fries.

*Expert Tip – Make it a group outing and select a few things to share, the guilt is less when indulging with friends!

Kissa Tanto – 263 E Pender Street

Don’t walk too quickly down this street or you might miss the entrance to this little Jewel. A great night out with a unique culinary experience of Japanese Italian Fusion.

Our Recommendation: Gnocco Fritto followed by the Octopus Salad and the Beef for the Main Event (a meal for 2)

*Expert Tip – They only take a few reservations online but don’t let that deter you, we’ve been surprised how often we can get a table as a walk-in.

Juniper – 185 Keefer St

Fantastic Cocktails and we’ve heard great things about the food too. We like to sit at the bar and grab a drink (or two!) on our way to dinner in the area.

Our Recommendations: Bourbon Lover Like Scott? He recommends When the Smoke Clears. Amanda’s Go To: Bear Paw G&T

*Expert Tip- If your a gin fan, try the Westcoast Sour and experience the BC-based company’s celebrated Seaside Gin which was recently named Best Contemporary Gin in the World at the prestigious World Gin Awards in London.

Vegan Supply

We know it seems like we’re always out enjoying the food in our fabulous city, but we also like to eat in from time to time. Although we’re not fully vegetarian, we do try to make that a choice a couple of nights a week. One of our favourite spots to pick up items for our pantry and fridge at home is at Vegan Supply.

Our Recommendations (can’t pick just one): Spread’Em is one of their many delicious flavours, Black Sheep Veta, & Gardein GF Beefless Ground are also great options.

*Expert Tip – Don’t have time to shop? Order online and pick up in store or have it shipped direct to your home. Pick up also available at MEET in Yaletown Friday afternoons.

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