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Sep 11, 2019

Purchasing a new home is often a very exciting time, however the moving itself is a sure way to test a relationship. It’s been said to be one of the worst things in life to go through, along with divorce, death, sickness and job loss. So, how do you make this daunting event more bearable? Plan ahead. Do yourself a favour, and protect your relationships with friends and family by hiring movers. And, if it’s in the budget, hire packers too. Our Resident Expert, Carla, has recently gone through this daunting experience and shares some of her best Expert Tips for planning for a move:


One of the best things I did was to use Frogboxes for the items I knew I would be unpacking. I truly believe it contributed to the condition of our stuff when it was unpacked at the new place. It was so easy and I didn’t have to deal with getting the boxes or disposing of them after. Frogbox delivered them into my home and picked them up from the new place. I ordered mattress covers, paper and bubble wrap from them too which saved me a trip to the store. The timing of the drop off and pending pick up provided a deadline to get everything done which worked well for me, but if you’re running behind on unpacking then you have the option to postpone the pick up date too. It can be easy just to let stuff sit in boxes for a long time…. and years later still not have opened them, but if you’re forced to return the boxes that’s a good motivator.

After having used them, I have to say that Frogboxes make life easier for everyone involved in the move…. The boxes don’t fall apart, they stack better for storage in your home (ie. take up less space), are easier for movers to deal with and are a nice feature for the environment. For more information on Frogboxes here is a link to their website:


We mention this in our “Time To Get Moving Guide”, but before you move, consider going through the Japanese method of organizing. If it doesn’t bring you joy, and you haven’t used it in a long time, get rid of it. Every time I move it makes me want to be a minimalist. Less stuff… is not a fun process to necessarily go through but you’ll appreciate it when there is less stuff to pack up and less stuff to unpack and find new homes for. Plus, once it’s gone you generally don’t think about it again.


Get movers that know what they are doing. Get some recommendations you trust. Make sure you ask the right questions to know they’ll come prepared. Here are some questions you could ask:

  • What do you typically shrink-wrap?
  • What do you wrap in moving blankets?
  • Do they supply mattress covers?
  • Do they have the appropriate WCB insurance coverage?
  • Are storage facilities available?
  • What do you consider as extra services?
  • What happens if my furniture or belongings are damaged?

Not only will some preparation in this department give you peace of mind, it will ensure the process goes smoothly and expectations are aligned.

Keep in mind that some homes are straight forward, but some can have tricky elements that movers need to know about. Make sure you know what the situation is going to look like so you and the movers can budget your time accordingly. Here are some good questions to think about:

  • Are there any underground parking garages with height restrictions that your movers will need to manoeuvre?
  • Is there a basement with low ceiling height?
  • Are there any tight stairwells?
  • How many levels are there in the home?
  • Are there smaller than average doorways?
  • Is the driveway too narrow or does it provide enough space for the truck?
  • If you have pets, would it be beneficial to have someone look after them on move day?

In my experience, providing the movers some coffee and snacks or even lunch can go a long way in keeping their energy up for the task.


One tip our team highly recommends to clients is that they get in contact with the City of Vancouver ahead of time to reserve a spot in front of your home or building for the moving truck to park. Make sure you apply for your permit seven business days before you need the reserved parking spaces or parking meters. This gives the City time to post parking restriction signs and cover parking meters in advance. The following link will provide you with more information on how to reserve a parking spot or meter with the City and what information is required:


Labeling your boxes will make for a more efficient move. You want your movers working efficiently, and having boxes labelled KITCHEN/LIVING ROOM etc.., will help to create some instant organization amidst the chaos. If you’re moving into a multi-level home, having the movers transport the boxes to the correct level is vital. In smaller spaces, labelling can be especially helpful in order to avoid stacking boxes rows deep and burying a box that is needed early on.

Take it one step further and add a few notes about what’s in each of the boxes – books, clothes, kitchen utensils… you don’t need to include all items in the details, but it will help you remember what boxes you likely want to tackle unpacking first. If you decide to take my tip on using Frogboxes, they come with adhesive labels you can write on and stick on the sides or tops of the boxes – VERY HANDY!


If at all possible, arrange a few days in between getting possession of your new home and giving up possession of your old home. It can be incredibly helpful if you structure your sale so that you complete on a Thursday, get keys on a Friday, and then not give up possession of your home until a Sunday or Monday. This creates way less stress, as you’re not cleaning a room as soon as it’s being emptied, or having carpet cleaners while furniture is still being moved. This is best negotiated at the time an initial offer on your home is presented. The other reason for this is that it always takes longer than you might think to pack up your place…. and remove EVERYTHING. It’s all the little stuff at the end that ends up being A LOT.  Be as prepared and packed before the movers arrive as much as possible, but if you leave yourself a day of grace in the process, it will be a lot less stressful.


If you haven’t done so already make sure you reach out to us and get our guide which has all the details for how and where to change addresses, timing for setting up utilities etc… and of course some bonus EXPERT TIPS.

Happy Moving!

– Resident Experts

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