Aug 30, 2018

As you sell your home in Vancouver, here are the main steps in the process:

1. Prepare Your Home For Sale

Before placing your home on the market, you’ll need to execute essential property repairs, cosmetic improvements and in some cases, major renovations to take place. Timing can influence your home’s selling price. It is important to identify motivating factors for selling and determine what type of market it is. If at all possible, you want to try to stack the odds in your favour and sell during a peak time versus a slow time when people simply just aren’t looking.

2. Find the Right Realtor

You don’t have your vet fix your car, right? That’s why you want to work with a realtor to help you sell your home. Realtors help you market and sell your home so you get the best possible deal and ensure everything goes smoothly.

3. Your Pricing Strategy

Setting a pricing strategy will help sell at fair market value within a reasonable period of time.  As part of this process, we’ll look at Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) taking into account current local market inventory, trends, economic factors and property appraisals or tax assessments.

4. Determine Your Home’s Listing Price

Determining your home’s listing price is one of the most critical decisions you’ll make in your sales and marketing strategy, and we will provide you with a professional, well researched and formulated opinion of the market value of your home to establish a competitive price.

5. Sign a Listing Agreement

When you sign a listing agreement you authorize your realtor and their brokerage to market and sell your home. It defines the legal relationship between the client, realtor, and brokerage as well as determines the timeline for selling your home.

6. Key People to Have On Your Team

It is important that you are working with a notary public or a lawyer in order to handle all the various documents through the conveyance process to ensure your best interests are being protected at all times. We’d be happy to make recommendations for every step of the process.

7. Marketing Plan Essentials

As your real estate team, we will build a customized marketing plan for your home that is tailored to reach the most relevant and qualified real estate buyers through online, social media, mobile, print and traditional marketing.

8. Showings and Open Houses

Once we list your home on the market, we will advise you on how showings and open houses fit into the marketing and selling strategy and will work with you to facilitate them. This may involve staging your home and following steps on how to prepare for showings.

9. Offer Basics

Receiving offers can be stressful, but a realtor will help you manage the process so you get the best possible outcome. You’ll see each offer and get to accept, reject or counter. We will help you evaluate and negotiate offers from potential buyers in order to protect your legal interests, and to ensure you are optimizing the price and conditions surrounding the sale of your home. Price is only one of many factors to weigh as you evaluate and negotiate an offer. Every situation is different and we’ll help you weigh other considerations such as the convenience of the buyers’ desired completion, possession and adjustment dates and more.

10. Closing the Deal

You offer has been accepted! Congratulations! If the offer has subjects then the typical subject removal period is 5-7 business days. If subjects in the contract are not met, then the sale will be void. As subjects are met and approved, the buyer must remove them and then pay the deposit as set out in the terms of the contract. Once we remove subjects, we’ll work with your chosen notary public or lawyer to do most of the closing work. Once the closing work is complete we will distribute the keys and you can move in. Welcome to your new home!

Still not sure where to start?  Let’s meet for coffee. We’d love to learn the story of your home and make sure its properly told to the right potential buyers.  

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